Tier 4’s place in the world.

Tier 4 is the parent site of my other efforts.  In time it may grow into a more interesting site, but for now, its way back on the priority list.

The primary efforts are being conducted over on JDB | VISUALS for the time being.  Please head over to that site (also being built out but should be presentable by December 1, 2014.

Tier4.com has been a domain of mine for a rather long time, and its hard to let go of.  It was originally bought in relation to my technical support efforts, which is where the tier4 name came from.  I was doing level 4 support of email servers.  But, as I attempt to grow out of the tech support world and into the creative world that name means very little to anyone, so a more relevant brand name was needed, thus JDB | VISUALS was born.

Anyway, to see what I am talking about head over to JDB | VISUALS and check it out.  Remember, its not done yet, but soon.